LOGO by Carmen Heemels (2020)
We have an own Youtubechannel : Gogyoshi Art Project Int
On this channel we will place all videos about the project, gogyoshi, exhibitions and so forth.
This name will be changed shortly
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2021 is happening and so is GAPi.
2021 also is a year of change, big or small and so GAPI also changes.
GAPi also stays the same.
What changes?
First of all: the name:
Gogyoshi Art Project international becomes:
Genuine Art Projects international. (Genuine means: real, true, sincerely)
A new name needs a new logo and Carmen Heemels designed it.
Gogyoshi Art Project international was based and inspired by the gogyoshi written by Taro Aizu,
which were based upon the disaster that took place at Fukushima, 11 march 2011.
Since then a lot of things have changed and so we change as well.
GAPi will change its focus onto real, true and sincere exhibitions.
The themes we will use are to be that as well. They have to matter to people and their surroundings.
So we choose to make art about subjects that matter in life, like environmental and humanitarian issues,
like childcare, human rights, disasters, ozonproblems, and so forth.
Genuine Art Projects international = GAPi.  
It is important to us to keep GAPi, for it already established a name throughout the world by (social) media,
international exhibitions and such.
We hope you will stay part of Genuine Art Projects international and stay as active as you were in
the former GAPi and of course we also hope  for every participant to go that extra mile (as we do) to
make the new GAPi even better than the one before.
Of course we will continue to cooperate with groups such as PAS, L’Art Iran, Korean artgroups
of Yoo Choong Yeul, Art Nigde international and possible cooperation with other art groups.
Because of this change we have a project for you:
GAPi meant and still means a lot to us (Ed Hanssen, Fred van Welie and Carmen Heemels and of
course all participants) and that made Carmen wonder how much Gogyoshi Art Project international meant
to the participants.
So the first project because of the change of our name and intent is:
Send us 1 photo(landscape) of yourself holding up a piece of paper with one or max five words
(English or your own language) about what GAPi meant/means, to you (see example).
Please send in black and white with a simple background (see example) to carmenheemels23@gmail.com
- Deadline: March 1, 2021
- Only by mail
- Within the subject of the email: Your name, country and GAPi.
We will create a photovideo of all received photos.
Enjoy this first little project to celebrate GAPi old style and welcome GAPi new style.
Fred van Welie created a beautiful catalog of all GAPi exhibitions.
You can download it HERE.
GAPI in Korean Newspaper 21 december 2021.
Exhibition "Beyond the borders".
At the exhibition 3 artists were granted a prize:
Yoo Choong Yeul,
Julio Antao and
Fred van Welie.
Congratulations to all three!!! Well done.
For those of you who do not master the Korean language,
here is the English version:
Yoo Choong Yeul is the ambassador of Korea for GAPi:
GAPi made it into Korean newspaper NEWSREPORT.
Here is the article by Jeong Hye-mi.
(translated by Google Translate)
Special Exhibition2020
Korea Cheongro Art Association International Exchange Exhibition
Feast of 146 artists from 31 countries organized by Dutch GAPI, Portugal PAS, and News Report
Yun Byong Ho Chairman of Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association
The '2020 10th Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association International Exchange Exhibition' held in Daejeon City Hall of Incheon Culture and Arts Center from the 25th to the 30th of last month ended successfully. The International Exchange Exhibition is hosted by the Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association (Chairman Yun Byong Ho) and organized by the Dutch international art organization “Gogyoshi Art project International (GAPi), the Portuguese international art organization “Peace and Art Society” (PAS)”, and a news report from a comprehensive current affairs magazine. did. A total of 146 artists from 31 countries participated in the exhibition, and national flags and posters of participating artists were displayed for each work, creating a global atmosphere as if enjoying world culture in one place. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition held on the 25th, Chairman Yun Byong Ho said, “The exhibition was held after twists and turns in the aftermath of Corona 19. He said, “We are truly happy to be able to showcase various genres, such as the diversity of contemporary art and the tradition of Korean art, to domestic and foreign art lovers in a rapidly changing society.”
# Hope the people in Corona 19 gain hope and courage
Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association Chairman Yun Byong Ho said, “The whole world is having a difficult year. There were difficulties in securing the exhibition space, such as changing the exhibition date twice, but fortunately, I am happy to promote the exhibition in accordance with the conditions of distance in life, which is the quarantine policy of the Incheon Culture and Arts Center and the government. I hope that artists and visitors will gain hope and courage through this exhibition.” He continued, “I am confident that this exhibition, in which East and West meets through art, and the world becomes one, will be a foothold for the future. Modern art should help modern people find a good ego with their creativity, and should help them to have a comfortable and comfortable life with a simple and modest attitude.” In this international exhibition, a number of works that show the distinct individuality and creativity of each artist were exhibited, and were criticized for having a good opportunity to experience the flow of international contemporary art such as Europe. According to Yoo Choong Yeul, the international subcommittee chairman, the starting point of this international exhibition was the movie “I Captain Yoo”, and the film's director Paulo Duarte Filipe (Portugal) proposed a commemorative event and started with his approval. Fred van Welie, CEO of GAPi (The Netherlands) was in charge of the exhibition-related materials and poster design. The title of the exhibition was “Across The river” and was decided by CarmenHeemels (Netherlands).
# A creative exhibition that contains the breath of each country
The Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association, led by Chairman Yun Byong Ho, was founded to bring together artists from Incheon and the central region, and to promote the development of the formative arts. On this year's 10th anniversary, he planned an international exchange exhibition, and agreed with the Dutch GAPi and the Portuguese PAS chairman. The works of 68 foreign artists from more than 30 countries, including the Netherlands, Portugal, the United States, and Africa, were selected, and 78 artists based in Incheon participated as Korean artists. As the first local artists, Korean artists mainly exhibited works with Korean identity such as literary paintings, calligraphy, calligraphy, and calligraphy. “It is an honor to hold a meaningful event in 2020 with the Dutch GAPi and the Portuguese PAS President. Until now, only Asian exhibitions have been held, but it is truly rewarding to have a meaningful exhibition of artists from around the world. Although it is unfortunate that foreign artists have not been able to visit in person and have not been presented to domestic audiences while experiencing the unprecedented situation of the corona pendemic, in the future, better exhibitions will be planned and meaningful seats with members of the association Will do.”
# A painter of tenacity with his own style
Chairman Yun Byong Ho is an artist who has built his own style of style in Korean art. He grew up dreaming of becoming a painter, and he started calligraphy as a self-taught, and unfolded his own world of works by showing his personality. After graduating from his work life, he always devoted his passion to brush writing without letting go of art. Over the years, he has built a unique world of art by studying various genres of art such as calligraphy, calligraphy, landscape painting, painting, painting and calligraphy, and has left a mark at home and abroad. We are contributing to the vitalization of local exhibition culture by organizing member exhibitions every year by discovering and guiding them, seeking funding for support. “If we exclude art and culture in our life, it will be a tough life. Any country in which culture and art is developed is recognized as an advanced country. I hope that the Korean people are interested in art, a cultural environment in which their works are stored, and a national policy support system for writers who are struggling economically.”
# Expanding the area of ??cultural and artistic activities through the association
“When I exhibit, I always attach a national flag to foreign artists. Also, Korean writers wear Taegeukgi and pay more attention to them so that they can play an active part as a representative Korean writer. In addition, the artists participating in the exhibition make posters to promote their work. We are supporting artists so that they can actively PR.” Chairman Yoon, led by the Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association, discovers competent artists who are active both domestically and overseas, and produces artists through international exchanges, He expressed his strong ambition that he would expand the company.
# The 2020 Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association International Exchange Exhibition
The International Exchange Exhibition of Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association ended successfully. On the opening day, watching the works of domestic and foreign artists unfolded in the exhibition hall, I felt a deep resonance in my heart. Seeing national flags and posters of participating artists displayed side-by-side, I was able to gauge the depth of the heart of how much time President Yoon Byeong-ho devoted himself to preparing for the writers. These days, the world has fallen into a slump due to Corona 19. According to the government policy of “Keeping Distance in Life,” schedules for exhibitions, performances, and awards ceremonies have been canceled or reduced without spectators. In this situation, the international exchange exhibition, which had been prepared for a long time, left regrets that foreign artists were unable to attend due to departure issues, but domestic artists were able to gather together to share joy and congratulations, and to appreciate the exhibitions shining despite difficulties. Through this, I guess I would have gained the great power of art and left the exhibition hall with hope and courage. We sincerely congratulate the success of this exhibition, which contains the breath of the world, and, Yun Byong Ho, Chairman of the Cheongro Sculpture Arts Association, who devoted enthusiasm to holding the exhibition and gave the opportunity to participate in the exhibition, GAPi representative from the Netherlands, Fred vanWelie, Júlio Antão, PAS President, Portugal. Thank you to Yoo Choong Yeul, Chairman of the International Subcommittee.
News Report = Reporter Jeong Hye-mi
Fred van Welie and Ed Hanssen are proud and
delighted to welcome CARMEN HEEMELS
aboard of GAPI.
We are confident that she will be a great addition to the GAPI organising team.
GAPI and PAS in co-operation with
Present to you:
Call to artists members of GAPi and PAS- Peace and Art Society for the International art
exhibition at the Incheon Culture & Arts Center in the Republic of Korea.
We have the great pleasure to announce another international art event,
in the Republic of Korea, thanks to our dear friend Yoo Choong Yeul.
The artworks should be inspired in environment issues like for example, global warming,
pollution, wildfires, ice melting and others and the impact of that in our countries and
1. One photo of your artwork as high resolution file, with title, dimensions and technique.
2. One personal portrait photo.
3. Short Artist statement for the catalogue.
4. All the submissions to be sent to Fred van Welie only.
(He will take care to complete your work into a designed file ready to print).
5 Deadline: 30 of April 2020.
6. Entry fee: Free.
7. Catalog, participation certificates available will be done
(The catalog will be sent to all participants by post).
8. Exhibition Date: June 15 to June 21, 2020 (one week).
9. Venue: Incheon Culture &amp; Arts Center.
10. Artists: 40 (international artists), 20 Korean artists.
11. Once the number of 40 artists are reached, the submissions for international artists
will be closed.
12. International artists don’t need to send original artwork,
just the high resolution photo.
13. All the artworks will be printed in high resolution on canvas.
14. Foreign artists visiting Korea: 3-5 people (free 3 nights, 4 days accommodation,
meals are included) (the flight fare is paid by the artist).
15. Curators: Carmen Heemels, Ed Hanssen, Fred van Welie, Júlio Antão,
Yoo Choong Yeul and Paulo Duarte Filipe.
16. Organizer: Byong-Ho Yun (Cheong-ro molding Arts association).
The Korean catalog arrived
Text Fred van Welie
Text Ed Hanssen
And...... another great exhibition coming up!
With thanks to Yoo Choong Yeul: Street Art Festival, Hanam.
We have some great news for GAPI and PAS members!!!!
Our South-Korean GAPI reporter mr. Yoo Choong Yeul came up with this offer:
Magazine App site name: news-report Website: https://news-report.co.kr/home
Send all by email Yoo Choong Yeul: captain4e@naver.com and Fred van Welie: wav@solcon.nl
- Submitting Materials Artists are displayed on the website.
- Participating artists: 90-100 people (free to join for GAPi / PAS artists)
1. Two portrait photographs of artist.
2. High quality artworks photos (max 5)
3. A short C.V (Electrical and Art World)
4. Nationality
5. Genre (painting, photographer, etc.)
Theme: Free
But of course, if you want, you may use the poetry of Taro Aizu, (but don’t forget to add the poem and the name of Taro Aizu).
And yet another great opportunity is offered by mr. Yoo Choong Yeul:
From "Incheon Marine International Art Festival"?
Our Members? have an international artist participation request.??
Submission deadline: September 15, 2019?
Each artist works 1 (original)?
Fee: Free (applicable only to overseas artists)?Organizer pays all shipping costs.?
Participating artists: 50-70 artists.
When will the artfestival be held? How many days??- October 9, 2019-October 12 (4 days)
Is there a restriction sizewise (how small / big may the artworks be)??- Size of artworks: not limited (60 x 70 cm is recommended)
Video is NOT possible(no beamers/dvd-players available).
Installations are possible.
What will happen to the artworks after the artfestival??-Return to the artist. Of course, shipping costs are paid by the organizers of festival.
Does the artfestival pay for returning artworks (too)??- Yes! Don't pay for shipping when artists send originals to Korea.
If the original arrives in Korea, the organizer will pay in cash.
Artists do not pay any money at all.
To whom do we send the artworks??
We will receive an English address soon.
- http://www.incheonfineart.org/index.php ?(This organization is called "Korean Art Association"?
It is the biggest art group in Korea)??
The previous exhibition is the biggest exhibition in Incheon Metropolitan City.?
The exhibition will be held in October 2019.?
The date is tight.?
Say: YES and send email to Fred van Welie (by now you should know his mailaddress by heart ?) and to Yoo: captain4e@naver.com.
As soon as we know the address where to send the artwork to, you will know it too!
Submission of participating artists:
- 1 Face photo, 1 artwork photo, summarized profile (for catalog production)
Participating artists receive certificates and catalogs
-Deadline for submission: September 10, 2019
2. Submit e-mail: avwelie@solcon.nl (Fred van Welie) and captain4e@naver.com (Yoo Choong Yeul)
3. Original shipping address
Yoo Choong Yeul
Address: 78-1 Podori-ro Gwang Ju-Si (City), Gyeong gi-Do 12749 South Korea
Postal code: 12749
Tel: +821065001195
Submission of participating artists:
- 1 Face photo, 1 artwork photo, summarized profile (for catalog production)
Participating artists receive certificates and catalogs
-Deadline for submission: September 10, 2019
-Deadline for submission: arrives until September 15, 2019 (artwork).
On behalf of Gogyoshi Arpt Project international, Carmen Heemels and Ed Hanssen
visited the opening of ARTQUAKE at Nigde, Turkey. It was a very well organised exhibition
with a lot of visitors, among which some VIP's of the Turkish gouvernement.
All credits got to Safe Büte for this great artfestival.
Start 12 july 2019
Click on the banner below
(12 december 2017)
Fred van Welie published a compilation of all the links about GAPi as we know them:
impressive body of work... so far.... :-)
(28 november 2017)
First Exhibition:
March 28 - April 8, 2018 (9 days)
(Hanam Culture & Arts Center Exhibition Hall)
Second Exhibition:
April 27 - April 29, 2018 (3 days)
(Hanam Union Park)
Third Exhibition:
May 5 - May 7, 2018 (3 days)
?(Gwangju Cheongseok Park)
hagwang news, newspaper Gwangju
Gogyoshi Art Project internationa (GAPi),
Peace and Art Society-PAS
Hanam City,
Gyeonggi Province,
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism,
Ministry of Environment
Many thanks to: Yoo Choong Yeul and Han Sang Yun.
(17 november 2017)
Ed Sent a thank you mail to UN, thanking them for #wtad2017.
(6 november 2017)
Yesterday, 5 november 2017, #wtad2017 happened.
A great and proud moment for GAPI.
33 artists participated around the globe to raise awareness about tsunami.
They made an artwork on that day and showed it to the world through social media.
Besides this, the most important issue, we celebrated GAPI's 5th anniversary.
So proud of all participants, their efforts and their artworks.
Thank you all.
See the artworks HERE.
(1 november 2017)
In case you did not know or notice..... GAPI exists 5 years!!!
Lets' make this anniversary one to remember. Lets' party! 5 November 2017 #wtad2017
Lets' create as many artworks as possible to raise awareness about tsunami AND
to celebrate our anniversary too.
Heres' a little flag to show where we have been through these 5 years of GAPI.
Thank you Fred van Welie for being there from the very beginning.
Thank you to all who (co-) organised our exhibitions.
Thank you all for being part of this crazy trip we are on.
(26 october 2017)
Curated by Sang-mi Lee.
(24 october 2017)
Click on the logo below to visit the #wtad2017
On 5 november all GAPI participants (but also other artists)
are asked to make an artwork on that particular day.
They have to share it on their own Facebookpage as well on the
GAPI Facebookpage. All this to raise awareness about tsunami on
Worls Tsunami Awareness Day. #TsunamiDay2017 #Gapitsunamiday2017
Click HERE to visit our event on preventionweb
part of UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR)
(21 october 2017)
GAPI at Hanam Street Art Festival, Hanam, South-Korea.
Organised by Yoo Choong Yeul and Han San Jun.
Click on the link above to see an impression of the street art festival. Photos: courtesy of Yoo Choong Yeul.
In request of Abdolreza Rabeti and Hamid Nourabadi, two Iranian GAPI-members, GAPI informs
the GAPI members:
Gogyoshi Art Project International is asked to inform GAPI artists.
Iranian GAPI members Abdolreza Rabeti and Hamid Nourabdi and Mohammadreza Pourmatloub "visual art manager", and Nader Saadatyfar "cultural office boss" call upon Gogyoshi Art Project international members to participate in a cultural and artistic exchange between world artists.
Up to twice a year a programm will be performed with the coordinator of the cultural departement.
It is a cultural and artistic exchange between world artists with exhibition, artworkshop(s), training and new ideas.
The periods will be due in autumn or spring 2018.
Artists who participate and want to come to Iran, must first send an artprogramm (no theme) for 4-5 days for 15-20 Iranian artists;
All received programms will be juried;
Programms can be presented by individual artists and a group of artists. The group-programms are preferred, because a team will be more coordinated for their programs, and from all aspects it is better like friendship and relationship between them and other issues, but a very good art programm by an individual artist will be taken in consideration too.
All artforms (painting, sculpting, photography, video, drawing, and so forth) are welcome.
The workshops will take up 2-3 hours;
The exhibition will coincide with artists attendance in Iran.
The selected artists will receive a letter of invitation;
Artist have to pay for their visa, flight ticket and participationfee ( € 200 – € 300).
In return participants receive support for 4 – 6 nights, accomodation, food, city transfer and fun programs (excl. Ticketcosts). The funprogramm contains visiting of historic memorial, historic cities, river beach, music concert and very good restaurants;
Artists will stay at a *** hotel (Dezful, Shoshtar and Ahvaz);
Artists have to bring their own tools and or if they need special tools;
Artists will be given brush(es), canvas(es) and colors;
The artists will receive a certificate.
The organising team is trying to find sponsors.
Artists can send their requests with a full explanation of the programm/ask questions to: abrabeti@yahoo.com as of 10 december 2017 untill 30 january 2018;
Iran is an Islamic country: women wear scarfs and cover up their arms and legs in public, drinking alcohol (beer, wine, and so forth) is prohibited.
(14 october 2017)
Click on the logo below.
(4 september 2017)
(27 august 2017)
Finally.... here it is. Fred van Welie finished the catalog for "Minha Fukushima" exhibitions.
It was a mighty big job, but as always: Fred pulled it off! Great work!!!
Here is the LINK.
Fred not only created the "Minha Fukushima" catalog....... he also created the
"Global Reactive Exhibition" catalog of our exhibition at Mardlebury Gallery!!!
Here is the LINK.
(4 july 2017)
The first sale of GAPi.
The painting LION by Park Young Sil (Korea)
was sold during the exhibition in Maaseik, Belgium to a german buyer.
On the 4th of July the painting was handed over to the buyer:
(photo by Carmen Heemels)
The next exhibition in South-Korea based upon the poems by Taro Aizu
in which a lot of GAPi-members will participate.
Three exhibitons:
Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Geoje;
Kim Bo Seoung Art Center, Seoul;
Hwain Gallery, Yeosu.
Another exhibition in South-Korea is coming up:
First exhibition
Hanam Street Art Festival (2017)
Second exhibition
Hanam Culture and Art Center (2018)
Three more exhibitions will follow.
All are sponsored by two Korean newspapers:
Gjilbo Newspaper
(24 april 2017)
AS of 1 may 2017:
Check out all there is to know AND see about GLOBAL REACTION.
(21 january 2017)
The third GAPi-newsletter is out!!!
Carmen Heemels and Ed Hanssen recorded
the poems by participants of the
The participants whose poems have
been recorded will receive a copy on cd.
(16 january 2017)
GAPi at Kavadarci, Macedonia
20 january - 30 january 2017
(14 january 2017)
Photos of #GAPi artworks at Cultureel Centrum Achterolmen, Maaseik, Belgium.
The music by MARGRIET VERBEEK for the GAPi exhibitions.
(5 october 2016)
Great news from Macedonia!
First of all: OUR FUKUSHIMA will have another exhibition at Kavadarci in january 2017.
Second of all:
GAPI members can participate in 2 exhibitions in Skopje!
1: Dutch embassy.
Theme: Day of Spring and the day of ecology.
Date exhibition: 21 march 2017.
2: House of Culture Kocho Racin
Theme: the poem DAYS by Kocho Racin. See the Facebookgroup to find the poem.
Date exhibition: 15 december 2016.
(26 september 2016)
GAPI issued Certificates. Fred van Welie: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
(15 september 2016)
See GAP PRESS for three articles about GAPI in Macedonian Newspaper about the exhibitionstart today in Flux Gallery and KOCO-RACN Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia. Thank you Maja Kirovska and Jagotka Tomovska.
(12 august 2016)
(31 july 2016)
Click on the flyer to visit the GAPi Macedonia page.
(28 july 2016)
Ed received certificates of participation in the second exhibition in South-Korea. All participants of whom he received thes certificates have been mailed.
He also received membershipcertificates of ICAF - International Culture and Arts Federation.
(4 july 2016)
Fred van Welie made a beautiful catalogue of all Dutch exhibitions we had. Check it out!
More great news: GAPi is mentioned on Stipe.frl
Even more great news!!!!! In 2017 GAPi wil exhibit in England!!!
Unstoppable!!!!!!!!!!!!1 In 2018 GAPi will exhibit in Finland!!!!!
(1 march 2016)
INFO about GAPi Macedonia.
(1 February 2016)
Gogyoshi Art Project in CC Achterolmen, Maaseik, Belgium.
S O L I D A R I T Y and H O P E
Call for poems
One of the ideas in which GAPi(Gogyoshi Art Project international) wishes to express solidarity and hope is by a call for poems.
We call upon everybody who wants to participate, to write a poem based upon “Fukushima after the disaster of 2011”, and express their feeling of solidarity and hope. Or a related theme.
Specificly we call upon the children and grown ups of the municipality of Maaseik, Belgium.
Every poem we receive will be shown in the exhibition of GAPi “Solidarity and Hope”, with artworks by many international artists who participate within this project.
This exhibition will be held from 13 january 2017 untill 20 february 2017 in CC Achterolmen, Maaseik, Belgium.
Poems(1 per person) hand in before 1 december 2016.
Hand in by e-mail: carmenheemels23@gmail.com.
Free of conditions(length, rhyme, form,..)
State your name and address, also in the description in the e-mail.
What is GAPi:
Gogyoshi Art Project int. is a non-profit artproject aiming to build bridges between East and West by artmaking based upon the fiveline poems(gogyoshi) by Taro Aizu. His poems from “My Fukushima”and “The precious earth” are the inspiration and they tell about the consequences of the tsunami en melt down in Fukushima, march 2011. Taro writes with almost photographic precision about what he sees, feels and thinks, by which hope, love, simplicity and wonder become tangible.
GAPi wants to give hope, strenght and support to those who sufferd from this disaster. GAPi shows solidarity and respect.
GAPi already had many exhibitions in the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Brasil, Macedonia and South-Korea. In the Belgian exhibition several Belgian artists will take part.
(26 january 2016)
Fred van Welie and Ed Hanssen received copies of Guanzhoung Newspaper.
Thank you Yoo Choong Yeul!!
(25 january 2016)
More news about GAPi Belgium.
(21 january 2016)
Emmy Verschoor, Fred van Welie and Ed Hanssen received honorary titles:
Emmy became an expert member of the Art subcommitee of “The commitee Arts & Culture development of Korea” .
Fred van Welie and Ed Hanssen received the title “Honorary chairman of the Art subcommitee of “The committee of Arts & culture development of Korea” .
Needless to say all three are very much delighted to receive these honorary titles.
(19 january 2016)
It has been confirmed!!!!
Gogyoshi Art Project int. goes international once again!!!!
This time it is Belgiums turn.
Cultureel Centrum Achterolmen, Maaseik, Belgium.
4 weeks exhibition from half january 2017 untill half february 2017.
Carmen Heemels: thank you! Without you this wouldnt' have been possible.
More information will follow.
(13 january 2016)
The day before the opening of the next great exhibition in South-Korea,
you can already have a preview of what the Gunsan Yegip Art Museum in
Gunsan City has to offer you in this exhibition. Once again I am truly impressed by the way it looks
and all the hard work Sang-mi Lee and all others have put into this exhibition!!
Thank you very much!!!
(4 january 2016)
The first photos of the second exhibition of Gogyoshi Art Project int at
Suwon Art Center, Suwon City, South-Korea.
WOW, truly impressed by the way it looks!
Thank you all at:
Suwon Art Center
Haegeumgang Theme Museum
Sang-mi Lee
Yoo Choong Teul
Fred van Welie
Peace and Art Society
Gogyoshi Art Project int.
So proud of all of you!
(December 30th, 2015)
It is out there for all to read: The first GAPi NEWSLETTER. Fred van Welie and Ed Hanssen did
their best to make it a most enjoyable read. Click on GAPi NEWSLETTER to download it.
(December 29th, 2015)
We made the Korean news again!!! GJNEWS21.com
(December 25th, 2015)
(December 19th, 2015)
Very sad news: GAPi participant Aaf Woldinga passed away 18 december 2015.
GAPi wishes to thank Aaf Woldinga for her participation in the project.
Our hearts go out to her family.
This is what her family announced on Facebook:
She had been suffering from the effects of a brain tumor since several months.
She was able to complete her life according to her own wishes and in peace.
With this message we would like to thank everyone who was important to Aaf in some way,
and express our condoleances to anyone who knew her.
Warm wishes from Richard (husband) and Julie (daughter).
(November 29th, 2015)
The new posters for the next Korea-shows:
SUWON ART CENTER january 5 - january 10 - 2016
SUWON ART CENTER, january 5 - january 10 - 2016
GUNSAN YEGIP ART MUSEUM, january 14 - january 29 - 2016
GUNSAN YEGIP ART MUSEUM january 14 - january 29 - 2016
(November 15th, 2015)
I am very honored for I have been granted the title
"Honorary chairman of the Art subcommitee of
"The commitee Arts & Culture Development of Korea."
(October 7th, 2015)
The second part of East meets West will be in Seoul, Suwon, South Korea Gunsan
in February 2016.
We are all looking forward to part 2.
There is more to come!!!!
East meets West - Art is closing a Gap
Gogyoshi Art Groups thanks:
The Haegeumgang Theme Museum and Art Lee Museum, Republic of Korea (South Korea):
Kyung Myung-Ja, Cheon Eop Yoo and Sang-Mi Lee of the Haegeumgang Theme Museum,...
Eun-lee Yoo, Lee Min-Jung and Da Eun Kim of the Art Lee Museum,
Yoo Choong Yeul, initiator of GAPi in South-Korea,
Mr. Kwae-Jeong Kim, the President of Korean Museum Association, the President of the Council of
Korean Museums and the Director of Heo Hun Museum,
Mr. Jae-Hwan Kim, the President of Korean Private Museum Association,
Mr. Jae-Yong Kim, the Director of Daejun Ancient Museum,
The personnel of the Haegeumgang Theme Museum and the Art Lee Museum,
Department of Culture, the Committee of Arts and Culture Development of Korea,
Sponsors of the exhibition, the performance artists: Hyeon-ung Yu, Gyeong-ha Park, Sori Choi
Translator Linzi, the driver of the invited and visiting artists and all we did not mentioned here.
And thanks to all International and Korean artists participating in the exhibition.
We, the organizers and participants of GAPi, ArtNations and PAS, Taro Aizu and numerous artists who take part in the exhibition “East meets West – Art is closing a gap – Gogyoshi Art Project international”, being held in your beautiful country – in the Haegeumgang Theme Museum and Art Lee Museum, and possibly at other exhibition places in South Korea during the exhibition in the coming year(s), would like to say thank you.
Thank you for the great cooperation between us and for your enthusiasm towards the project. Thank you for framing all artworks and putting them in the excellent high-quality wooden frames and thank you for this exhibitions in two prestigious locations. Thank you for the beautiful catalog.
Thank you for the grand opening of the exhibitions at the Haegeumgang Theme Museum and the Art Lee Museum and thank you for your welcoming and the amazing hospitality.
Thank you for kind invitation of Taro Aizu and several participants of the project coming from Iran, Germany, USA to Geoje, for offering excellent accommodation at hotel Candle House in Geoje, the sight-seeing of fabulous island Oedo, providing meal and hand-made traditional Korean gifts to the visitors.
Thank you for preparation of a hundred of certificates of donation for all participants.
Thank you for all the hard work and all the efforts you have made.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
With regards and with our best wishes.
The organizers:
Ed Hanssen and Fred van Welie/GAPi, Lusine Breitscheidel/ArtNations, Paulo Duarte Filipe/PAS
and Taro Aizu, author of “My Hometown Fukushima”
(SEPTEMBER 5th, 2015)
Have a look GAP PRESS: GAPi in South-Korean press.
(AUGUST 25th, 2015)
Apart from the South-Korea exhibition: Minha Fukushima, Olhoa, Portugal.
(AUGUST 17th, 2015)
The exhibition at the Haegeumgang Theme Museum AND the Lee Art Museum is OPEN!!!
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(JULY 10th, 2015)
GAPTV INTERVIEW #3 Maaike Rekers, Schiedam.
(May 15th, 2015)
The POSTER of the exhibition in South-Korea:
Fred van Welie is producing the catalogue. It will be amazing!!!!!
All participants will get a "certificate of donation" by the museum.
Five particiapants are invited by the museum to stay for some days.
(April 18, 2015)
A thank you mail by Elisabete Fortes of Municipio de Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Portugal:
Boa tarde,
Em nome da Eurocidade do Guadiana, queremos agradecer às entidades organizadores da exposição “Minha Fukushima”, Peace and Art Society, Artnations e Gogyoshi Art Project International, a oportunidade que nos foi dada de acolhermos a exposição e, desse modo, contribuirmos para o apoio às crianças com cancro vítimas do acidente nuclear de Fukushima em 2011. O nosso obrigada também vai, em especial, para a Susana Sousa, que foi incansável na coordenação, montagem das exposições, dinamização e desmontagem das mesmas, para o Paulo Duarte Filipe e para o Júlio Antão. Muito obrigado.
Com os melhores cumprimentos,
On behalf of the Eurocidade do Guadiana, we would like to thank the organizers entities of the exhibition "My Fukushima", Peace and Art Society, Artnations and Gogyoshi Art Project International, the opportunity we have been given we welcome the exhibition and thereby contribute to the support to children with cancer victims of the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011. Our thanks go in particular to Susana Sousa, who was tireless in assembling the exhibition, promotion and removal thereof, for Paulo Duarte Filipe and Julio Antão. Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Elisabete Fortes
Município de Vila Real de Santo António
Praça Marquês de Pombal
8900-231 Vila Real de Santo António
(March 30, 2015)
De deelnemers voor de Zuid-Korea deelnemers / The participants of the exhibition in South Korea:
Aaf Woldinga - The Netherlands
Abdolreza Rabeti - Iran
Adrian Russell-Davies - Australia
Alberto Coudel Portugal
Ana Dacosta - Portugal
Angela Everduim Stoop - The Netherlands
Anka Nauta - The Netherlands
Anna Arndt - Germany
Annamaria Coda - Italy
Anneli Df - Finland
Antonietta Montemurro - Italy
Bart Ensing - The Netherlands
Carmen Heemels - The Netherlands
Cary Griffiths - USA
Clara v't Hout - The Netherlands
Conceição Agostinho - Portugal
Connie de Graaf - The Netherlands
Corinna Naumann - Germany
Dieter Hess - Germany
Dommy Gielen - Belgium
Ed Hanssen - The Netherlands
Elbreg Scheele - The Netherlands
Eli Ribeiro - Portugal
Elidia Luis - Portugal
Ellen van der Schaaf - The Netherlands
Emilia Piedade - Portugal
Emmy Verschoor - The Netherlands
Esther Ziher-Ginczinger - The Netherlands
Fernando A. F. Macedo - Portugal
Fred van Welie - The Netherlands
Gabriela Pickett - México
Gerda Stevens - The Netherlands
Gerrit Koster - The Netherlands
Gonny Geurts - The Netherlands
Hambarzum Sahakyan - Armenia
Hamid Nourabadi - Iran
Helga van der Poel - The Netherlands
Ina Mieras - The Netherlands
Ingo Leth Art - The Netherlands
Iris V't Bosch - The Netherlands
Irma Frijlink-Grasveld - The Netherlands
Jake Eldridge - USA
James Kellogg - USA
Jan Doek (+)- The Netherlands
Jan-Carel Koster - The Netherlands
Jonathan Benitez - Philippines
Judie Alberts - The Netherlands
Julio Antão - Portugal
Katrine van Klaveren - The Netherlands
Kitty Van Dijk - The Netherlands
Left Hand Georges, Veitjens - Belgium
Laura Elliott Artist - UK
Laurence Jung-Hee Steenbergen - The Netherlands
Lea Dolinsky - Israel
Leo Buz - Russian Federation
Lusine Breitscheidel - Germany
Maaike Rekers - The Netherlands
manuel leitao ferreira - Portugal
Margriet Verbeek - The Netherlands
Maria Adelaide - Portugal
Maria da Silva - Portugal
Maria Mur - Russian Federation
Maria Trindade - Portugal
Marianne Delmee - The Netherlands
Marietta Patricia Leis - USA
Marilyn Comparetto-Artist - UK
Marina Wortel - The Netherlands
Marlieke Overmeer - The Netherlands
Menau Policromia - Portugal
Mimi van Bindsbergen - The Netherlands
Nikita Knikta - Russian Federation
Nuno Murta - Portugal
Ortiz Manoli (Manoli Ortiz de la Torre) - Portugal
Paula Pereira - Portugal
Paulo Duarte Filipe - Portugal
Petra Fenijn - The Netherlands
Ré Noo - The Netherlands
Reen Sanderse - The Netherlands
Reinhard Fritz - Germany
Renee Middelkoop - The Netherlands
Robert van Rijn - The Netherlands
Rosa Claire van Vreden - The Netherlands
Rosilda Mendes Bezerra - Brasil
Rui Rosa - Portugal
Sonia Socorro Cabañas Cortés Portugal
Sonja Reedijk - The Netherlands
Thushari Gamage "Srilanka Oil Painting" - Sri Lanka
Tito Barajas - Mexico
Valery Valius - Russian Federation
Veronika Ban - Germany
Vladimir Kurdukov - Russian Federation
Vladimir Mikhaylutsa - Russian Federation
Vlasta Mijac - Croatia
Yoo Choong Yeul - South Korea
+ 9 South-Korea artists
Aan de deelnemers aan de expositie in het Haegeumgang Theme Museum.
Ons was het niet bekend, maar misschien is het bij jullie wel bekend, misschien ook niet, maar Korea en Japan hebben al vele jaren een politiek dispuut inzake een aantal eilanden: Dokdo/Takeshima.
Ons dwingende verzoek aan een ieder is om bij welke uiting dan ook(radio, tv, krant, web, enzovoort) een NEUTRAAL standpunt in te nemen en zich niet te mengen in de politieke situatie betreffende dit dispuut, mocht dit thema aan de orde komen. Begin er zelf niet over!
Een politiek standpunt innemen kan er voor zorgen dat jij, het project of jouw land in een politiek gevoelige situatie terecht kan komen.
Het is onze mening dat je dit ten alle tijden moet zien te voorkomen.
Wij, GAPi - Artnations en PAS, zijn internationale kunstenaarsgroepen, geen politieke groepen!
Wij willen onze goede banden met Japan én Zuid-Korea behouden en heel graag verstevigen.
Een standpuntinname in dit dispuut draagt daar niet toe bij!
We lichten het museum uiteraard ook in over ons neutrale standpunt en verzoeken het museum om zowel de (gedoneerde) kunstwerken, de kunstenaars en de landen die door de kunstenars worden vertegenwoordigd niet te gebruiken voor politieke doeleinden. Niet nu en niet in de toekomst. Een brief hierover zijn we momenteel aan het opstellen en zullen we binnenkort verzenden.
Heel veel succes met de voorbereidingen en houd dit bestand in de gaten voor verdere updates en informatie betreffende deze expositie.  
In short for English speaking participants: In case you are being asked about Dokdo/Takeshima( a long time political issue between Japan and Korea) please stay NEUTRAL. We are not a political group and we do not want any of the participants, the countries represented by the artists, the project or anyone/anything to be comprimised. So: stay neutral!!!!
(March 29, 2015)
Update Fred van Welie March 29 - Update South-Korea exhibition in the Haegeumgang Theme Museum : 
The exhibition will be held in August 17 to September 18 in the Haegeumgang Theme Museum.
Deadline sending artworks is June 1. All work has to be send directly to the museum before July 17 (their deadline). 
Artwork: The size of the artwork is 60 x 70 cm  (landscape or portrait). Please send your work without frame. The museum will frame them when the artworks are arrived at the museum.
The address: Haegeumgang Theme Museum Galgot-ri, Nambu-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea 656-841.So easy to send them in a tube. (sharing artworks becomes cheaper, so it is your choice).please do not mention a value on your forms, it will cost a lot of custom taxes. We or the museum won’t pay it. (if neccesary just mention something like: art for nonprofit exhibition (international cultural exchange) custom code 9701).
Files:What we need for publicity and maybe for the catalog:-your name (first name, family name) and country-A short statement of you and your work (no long CV or long list of exhibitions, that is why we placed your internet address, they can find it there)- a good high resolution portrait photo (we will use a square one) of you   and one high resolution photo of your work- email and Internet address- A title of your work, the size and material / technique- Your chosen poemand…all in English 
send the files as soon as possible to your art organization: PAS, Artnations and GAPi
Sales is not possible because commercial purposes/custom taxes 
For people who want to visit the exhibition, the museum will tell more later; so they told us: Lodging place Don't worry about.
(March 15, 2015)
Paulo Duarte Filipe placed another video on his Facebookpage. This time it is about Minha Fukushima at Eurocidade do Guadiana, Castro Marim, Portugal.
GAPi is having a wonderful evening: the first names of the participants who want to be interviewed for Gogyoshi Art Project TV are coming in.
Also new possibilities for exhibiting are coming in as well!!!! If they were all to come true......
with the suggetions by Fred van Welie and Adrian Russell-Davies.
(March 14, 2015)
Minha Fukushima: Peace and Art Society´s Júlio Antão interview to Radio Eurociudad- Ayamonte--- Mi / Minha Fukushima na Eurocidade do Guadiana
Video: Fred van Welie - WAV Productions
Minha Fukushima in the PAS-Newsletter
Paulo Duarte Filipe(PAS) placed a video about the Minha Fukushima exhibition in Ayamonte, Spain, on the projects Facebookpage.
Minha Fukushima hit spanish newspaper. Read in GAP-Press.
Text translated into English by Google Translate.....
(Text and photos: José Luis Rua) is ready to visit the exhibitions together have been opened in the cities that make up the Eurocity in Lower Guadiana, and are a tribute to under the onslaught of radiation Japanese city tsunami that devastated. The first door opened in Villa Real de San Antonio, where works by artists from around the world coexist in a single sample. To extol the act was attended by labor Live graffiti, David Mota, who was completing a magnificent mural inside the Cultural Centre Antonio Aleixo. At the same time Dança Splah offered a beautiful choreography and Ana Dacosta showed a singing performance by José Joao and digested.
Then there was the Big House in Ayamonte who opened as a stage in a continuation of the same exposure, in addition to repeating the same acts already saw in the other bank of the Guadiana. And it ended in historic Castro Marin, at the newly opened cultural space of La Sal, which likewise scenery of musicians, set designers, songs and extraordinary saxophone Bruno Correia was repeated, besides the typical sound of the accordion Joao Pereira .
Opening remarks by the authorities in each of the enclosures. Audience, much more in Portugal than in Spanish. Great atmosphere and again, the presence of the Poets of the Guadiana that added to these acts within the poetic dramatization of "Minha Fukushima" with the Japanese poet Taro Aizu. Were read their haikus, written expressly for this international event by the poets of the Guadiana in each of the venues, and then the versions thereon made several. The press of Baixo Guadiana, in its latest issue presented at the conference, offered a special poems created especially for the occasion section.
The words of Antonio Cabrita, Pedro Tavares, José Cruz and Ana Francisco, next to the Spanish Diego Mesa, Rua Nácher or hijack Eladio Orta allowed by the attendees, and caused an atmosphere of respect and solidarity with those affected by tragedy, which unfortunately will last over time.
The Eurocity again reflected back into the calm waters of the Guadiana that turns the ordinary into the event. The exhibition will run until April 5.
(March 10, 2015)
Minha Fukushima on Algarveinformativo.blogspot. Also on GAP-Press.
(March 9, 2015)
Soon, if all goes well, I will start with something completely new to me.........
The Gogyoshi Art Project TV.
Plan is to interview and film the Dutch participants on location or at my studio and broadcast the interviews ("The artist at word...") on my Gogyoshi Art Project Int Youtube channel. The possibility of live viewing is present too. Excited!!!!! Hang on in there!
Yet another great opening of GAPi - Minha Fukushima in Portugal and Spain. Thank you Paulo Duarte Filipe! PHOTOS
Almost 100 participants of GAPi, PAS and Artnations said YES - SKOREA I WILL.
Now it is up to the Haegeumgang Theme Museum who can take part. I believe all must take part....... Soon more information will follow.
Here is a book about Fukushima by Wilhelm Horstmann. You can buy it at DBV Buchshop
Today I contacte "Mainichi", to get in contact with the artists/organisers of the exhibition.
(February 22nd, 2015)
Our call for entries is still open for a few hours.
Almost 70 participants from all over the world want to participate in our South-Korean exhibition!!!!
Fred van Welie and Ed Hanssen are overwhelmed! As soon as South-Korea is back in business due to the new year holidays, they will be overwhelmed too.
(February 14th, 2015)
The website was down for a while and I lost a lot of information. I hope most of the news is back on line. If you miss out on certain things, just let me know and I will try to find and upload it again.
NOW BACK TO THE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, do we have news for you!!!!!!
Big news.
No: BIG news.
We are heading for South-Korea!!
Dear participants of Gogyoshi Art Project international. Peace and Art Society and Artnations,
The exhibitions of Gogyoshi based artwork like Minha Fukushima is long from finished. A spanish exhibtion is still under contruction. But none the less Paulo Duarte Flilpe(PAS), Lusine Breitscheidel(Artnations), Fred van Welie and Ed Hanssen(both: GAPi), want to inform you about yet another forthcoming exhibition. Next stop is the Haegeumgang Theme Museum, 262-5, Galgot-ri, Namboo-myeon, Gyeongiu, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South-Korea. Tel: (0082)055-6320670.
The Haegeumgang Theme Museum has the biggest exhibitionspace in all of Geoje! The spaces are +/- 9,5m x 4,9m, 9,9m x 12,5m and a round space with a diameter of 5,3 m! The biggest of these spaces will be used for our exhibition. The museum attracts over 1000 visitors(mostly tourists) a day!
start of exhibition is august 2015 and lasts 2 weeks.
Right after this exhibition the exhibition will travel for +/- 1 year to 7 places in South-Korea. By doing so more people will get the chance to see the artworks. The idea comes from Lee Sang-mi, curator of the museum. By doing so the museum gives importance to the project and the works of art. The museum also wishes this to be the start of a cultural exchange, Hopefully we can lend a helping hand in achieving this. It would be something to be very proud of.
Next to the participants of GAPi, PAS and AN, 10 Korean artists will be part of the exhibition.
We want participants to create NEW ORIGINAL works of art due to transportation issues ánd because of more news of which especially the GAPi participants will read more about within a short time......
The NEW works of art can be made in ALL TECHNIQUES, but they are limited to the size 60cm x 70cm UNFRAMED.
The NEW works of art are again based upon the gogyoshi Taro Aizu wrote about Fukushima.
ALL new works of art are to be sent STRAIGHT to the Haegeumgang Theme Museum BEFOR JULY 2015.
No national or local collecting of the artworks.
SIGN the artwork, DOCUMENT it(high res photo, information about the artwork, material, and so on), a statement and a (short) CV in ENGLISH along with your e-mailaddress, website AND bankaccountnumber(IBAN/BIC).
Also send the photo and info(except the bankaccountnumber) to FRED VAN WELIE for a (possible) catalogue.
The MUSEUM asks for DONATING the artwork to them. It is NOT UP TO US to decide if you want to do so. We let the participants decide for themselves if they choose to do so. Bare in mind that this MIGHT be your ONLY chance to be part of this museum's collection by doing so.
Selling the artwork is possible. The museum will take care of all, payments áfter the last exhibition.
Would you like to go to South-Korea to visit the exhibition? Flighttickets are on your own expense, but cost of aid during 4 nights/5 days in Geoje are paid by the museum. LIMITED to a maximum of 5 people. Let us know if you want to go.
1000 Thanks to Yoo Choong Yeul for acting upon Fred van Welie his question if GAPi could come to South-Korea. Yoo Choong Yeul took care fot the project to come to South-Korea.
1000 Thanks to Lee Sang-mi, curator of the Haegeumgang Theme Museum for having us.
1000 Thanks to Taro Aizu for the inspiration.
We look forward to a beautiful long and prosperous cooperation between the Haegeumgang Theme Museum, South-Korea and all participants of Artnations, PAS and GAPi.
(February 14th, 2015) *2
Paulo Duarte Filipe made it all happen in Portugal. Once again!!!!
Minha Fukushima travels on!!!
First we had Faro.
Than we had Cachopo.
Now we have Vila Real St. António
All posters by Fred van Welie.
(November 18th, 2014)
Heres' a nice video for you, made by ETIC Algarve, Portugal. It is all about the opening of MINHA FUKUSHIMA. Listen to Taro Aizu!!!
(November 12th, 2014)
Today I was interviewed by Ron Buitenhuis, journalist for Dagblad De Limburger. Withing 3 weeks the interview will be published.
(November 11th, 2014)
A great day for GAP: Taro Aizu won a prize.....
the award of Japanese International Excellent Poet in Kyoto, Japan.
(October 12th, 2014)
See Taro Aizu read a poem.
GAP Press update.
(October 8th, 2014)
Minha Fukushima, Faro, Portugal: Mindblowing!!!
Have a look at the photos!   
(July 30th, 2014)
Gogyoshi Art Project goes international, once again!!!!
The Market Place of Faro, Portugal is the next stop. Many many thanks to Paulo Filipe Duarte!!! The exhibition is caled "Minha Fukushima". 67 Artists will take part, of which 25 participants of #GAPnl. This upcoming weekend Fred van Welie and Ed Hanssen will decide whom will take part of the dutch contestants. Exciting weekend ahead!!
Soon more news about very important things concerning "Minha Fukushima".
(June 28th, 2014)
The Dutch artworks that took part at the Munich exhibition will be returned at saturday 28 June at the working space of Jan-Carel Koster, Nijkerkerveen. BYO. Looking forward to seeing all participants once again.
(June 21st, 2014)
It's official:
GAP goes international once again!!
It is a combined event by three artgroups:
The event:
Minha Fukushima
October 6 up to October 30, 2014
Faro Market, Portugal
Opening hours :
from 7 a.m to 12 p.m
the book "My Fukushima" by Taro Aizu.
Just like the Munich exhibition, the Faro exhibition will be documented in a catalogue.
More info will follow.
(May, 5th 2014)
One of the features of a "project" is that it exists for a certain period of time. So the Gogyoshi Art Project has a certain period of time to exist as well.
It started in 2012. The project intended to be a builder of bridges between east and west. It intended to help to understand Japan in its darkest days because of the Fukushima disaster. It intended to bring attention to Taro Aizus' poems: the gogyoshi. It ends at its peak: GAP in Munich, Germany, April 2014.
At the opening of the exhibition at Munich Ed Hanssen and Fred van Welie met Taro Aizu and shook hands. This moment was symbolic: east meets west.
All participants learned from and were inspired by Taro Aizu his gogyoshi.
The project brought understanding about the disaster by having 6 exhibitions: Lelystad, Amsterdam, Wageningen, Kerkrade, Grou and Munich.
It reached its peak.
It reached its goal.
It reached its end.
We have given a lot of time and energy to GAP and so have all participants. We also have several other projects running that need their attention as does our own artistic work.
I, Ed, want to express my sincere gratitude to Fred van Welie, for without him this project would not be what it became to be.
Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this project!
Thank you Taro Aizu for your beautiful and inspiring gogyoshi.
Many thanks to the (co-)organisers of all the exhibitions:
Fred van Welie, Ine van Gaalen, Marlieke Overmeer, Gerda Stevens, Clara van den Hout, Connie de Graaf and others;
Iris van 't Bosch, Kitty van Dijk, Clara van den Hout and Gonnie Geurts;
Rosa Claire van Vreeden, Petra Pelser-Fenijn, Emmy Verschoor, Judie Alberts, Inge Slothouber and Reen Sanderse and Patrick, Mark and Eva of “De Slang” and others;
Emmy Verschoor, Maaike Buisman, Judy Alberts, Clara van den Hout, Gerda Stevens, Johan de Jong, Gonny Gerurts and Anka Nauta;
Carmen Heemels, Marianne Delmee, Màlene Zegers, Helga van der Poel, Sonja Reedijk, Gerrit Koster, Jan Weijers and Ed Hanssen;
Munich, Germany:
Lusine Breitscheidel.
(if we have overlooked someone: please let us know and know we dó thank you.)
Many thanks to the GAP-participants who guided Taro Aizu in the Netherlands:
Maaike Rekers, Gonny Geurts, Judie Alberts, Anka Nauta and Petra Pelser-Fenijn.
Many thanks to the locations we had the possibilty to exhibit the project: #Loods32(Iris van 't Bosch), WUR(Fred van Welie), De Slang(Patrick, Mark and Eva), POST-(Tim Ijpelaar, Laura Selvi, Emilly Marr, Frans Geraedts and Christine Muntz), Expomeer(Betty Kloosterman, André Zandberg and Johannes Dalman) and Die Färberei(Lusine Breitscheidel).
Last but certainly not least: THANK YOU to all participants.
You can still apply to participate in Gogyoshi Art Project on Facebook.
As of now it is a virtual gallery of Fukushima and gogyoshi related art.
All things that are still running will still be taken care of (return of the Munich artwork and there still is a possibility for an exhibition in Allicante, Spain (Jan-Carel Koster).
All that happens after that, Fred and I will no longer be involved in from an organisational point of view.
We want to thank all of you for making us very proud by turning this project to be so beloved.
We will see you again somehow, somewhere, some day.
Best wishes,
Fred van Welie, Ed Hanssen
(May 4th, 2014)
Back from the exhibition in Die Färberei, Munich. Curator Lusine Breitscheidel did a great job. My compliments.
Taro Aizu, father of gogyoshi, was present and he brought a present: his latest book "My Fukushima".
Several speakers opened the exhibition.
A beautiful catalogue was handed out to the present participants(those who were not present but were part of this specific exhibition will get one too). Many thanks to Fred van Welie(once again).
Besides the GAP exhibition I visited the Pinakotheke der Modernen to see some of the modern masters of art: Lüppertz, Penck, Baselitz, Beuys, Picasso, Flavin, Beckmann, Dix, Marini and a whole lot of aother artists of importance. A beautiful exhibition.
The day after the exhibition I visited Concentrationcamp Dachau. nearby Munich. It was an experience I will never ever ever forget!
Munich: Thank you!!!
Here are the pictures taken by Fred van Welie, myself and others. Included are some of the pictures of Taro Aizu's visit to the Netherlands. He was guided by a couple of Dutch GAP-participants: Maaike Rekers, Gonny Geurts, Petra Pelser-Fenijn, Judie Alberts and Anka Nauta. Thank you ladies!!! (If I left out someone: let me know!!)
More GAP in German press.
(March, 25th, 2014)
GAP in Abendzeitung München, 24 march 2014.
(Ferbuary 24th, 2014)
Taro Aizu's gogyoshi will be exhibited in France in 2015. Great news!!! Congrats Taro.
(February 20th, 2014)
A lot has happened since the last news update!!!
Here is the final list of participants of the exhibition in Munich, 30 april-11 may 2014.
Title of the exhibition is "Mein Fukushima" (GAP project), all artworks are inspired by the Taro Aizu book "My Fukushima" or its numerous translations.
Curator of exhibition Dr. Lusine Breitscheidel, ArtNations.
1   Abdolreza Rabeti, Iran
2   Adrian Russell-Davies, Australien
3   AES Artworks, Niederlande
4   Alena Breitscheidel, Deutschland
5   Anastasia Khokhryakova, Russische Föderation
6   Anneli di Francis, Finland
7   Bransha, Österreich
8   Carmen Heemels, Niederlande
9   Clara van den Hout, Niederlande
10 Corinna Naumann, Deutschland
11 Damien Nyuyse, Kamerun
12 Ed Hanssen, Niederlande
13 Elidia Kreutzer, Österreich
14 Emmy Verschoor, Niederlande
15 Fred van Welie, Niederlande
16 Gerda Stevens, Niederlande
17 Gerrit Koster, Niederlande
18 Gonny Geurts, Niederlande
19 Gunther Meliton, Spanien
20 Hambarzum Sahakyan, Armenien
21 Hamid Norabadi, Iran
22 Hayssam Masri, Lebanon
23 Heidi Mühlschlegel, Deutschland
24 Helga van der Poel, Niederlande
25 Igor Prokop, Hungarn
26 Ireen Sanderse , Niederlande
27 Iris v’t Bosch, Niederlande
28 Irma Frijlink, Niederlande
29 Jake Eldridge, USA
30 James Kellogg, USA
31 Jan-Carel Koster, Niederlande
32 Jonathan Benitez, Philippinen
33 Juan Carlos Rubio, Spanien
34 Jürgen Gnass, Deutschland
35 Katrine van Klaveren, Niederlande
36 Keith Morant, Neuseeland
37 Kitty van Dijk, Niederlande
38 Laurence Steenbergen, Niederlande
39 Lea Dolinsky, Israel
40 Leon Buz, Russische Föderation
41 Lusine Breitscheidel, Deutschland
42 Maaike Rekers, Niederlande
43 Margriet Verbeek, Niederlande
44 Maria Mur, Russische Föderation
45 Marianne Delmee, Niederlande
46 Marta Valls, Italien
47 Mirek Antoniewicz, Polen
48 Nani Boronat, Spanien
49 Nikita Knikta, Russische Föderation
50 Oleg Popov, Republik Nordossetien-Alanien
51 Paolo Albanese, Italien
52 Paulo Duarte Filipe, Portugal
53 Prateeksha ‘Saba’ Sharma, Indien
54 Rais Said, Marokko
55 Reiner Heidorn, Deutschland
56 Rénoo, Niederlande
57 Rolf Vogt, Deutschland
58 Ryo Kawasaki, Japan
59 Silvia Logi, Italien
60 Sonja Reedijk, Niederlande
61 Steffi Schulz, Deutschland
62 Taro Aizu, Japan
63 Valery Valius, Russische Föderation
64 Vladimir Kurdukov, Russische Föderation
65 Wolfgang Abfalter, Österreich
66 Yurika Tahara, Japan
67 Yvonne den Hollander, Niederlande and
68 Anka Nauta, Niederlande.
The exhibition takes place at:
Claude-Lorraine-Strasse 25, 81543, Munich, Germany.
Phone: +49 89 62269274
Cross your fingers, because another international Gogyoshi exhibition is about to take place!!! More news when the time is ready!
So proud of my project!!!!!! So proud of Fred van Welie and Jan-Carel Koster for putting so much effort into this project and the international exhibitions!!!! Thank you guys!!!!
(November18th, 2013)
Thanks to Fred van Welie:
Taro Aizu's poems have been showcased at an exhibition in Brasilia:
They toured Germany with the URANIUM FILM FESTIVAL Germany 2013
and gone viral on You Tube:
Taro Aizu's Gogyoshi, Fukushima, Dutch version, Dutch version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RxK2pxrarI
Taro Aizu's Gogyoshi, Fukushima, Dutch version, Italian version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaKEG5jyx4g
Taro Aizu's Gogyoshi, Fukushima, German spoken, English subtitled: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfRaeJ4ruGo
Taro Aizu's Gogyoshi, Fukushima, Japanese spoken by Taro, German subtitled:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdET5mePLnU
Taro Aizu's gogyoshi Fukushima, German spoken, (produced for the URANIUM FILM FESTIVAL Germany 2013): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoOcGHxMvJU
Taro Aizu's gogyoshi, My hometown Fukushima, Japanese spoken, English subtitled: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hENgR9yBhTc
Taro Aizu's Fukushima Gogyoshi, English spoken by Taro himself (watched 13.832 times!!!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlucbYVW7ig
Taro Aizu's gogyoshi, Fukushima, Japanese spoken (for the Gogyoshi Art Project Holland): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSl-B7366ug
The book: My Fukushima [Kindle Edition] Taro Aizu (Author), Ed Hanssen (Foreword), cover Gonny Geurts, iyou can still order it: http://www.amazon.com/My-Fukushima-ebook/dp/B00ATPQRV2/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1357764808&sr=1-2
(October 20th, 2013)
Interviewed by Leeuwarder Courant about GAP at EXPOMEER.
GAP EXPOMEER at Japanse Embassy website.
GAP EXPOMEER at Degrouster.
GAP EXPOMEER at Burogu.avo-forum.
GAP EXPOMEER at Grousternachtkuier.
GAP EXPOMEER at vanplan.
GAP EXPOMEER at Leeuwarder Courant.
(October 17th, 2013)
It is out in the open: loud and clear:
(15th september, 2013)
It may be silent on this newspage, but rest asure....... a lot of news is heading your way!!!!
(11 june, 2013)
Finally an update. And what an update it is!!!!
Gogyoshi Art Project goes abroad!!!
Lusine Breitscheidel from ARTNATIONS is planning a HUGE GAP-exhibition in Munich, Germany in 2014/2015.
Thanks to Fred van Welie for the contacts with ARTNATIONS!!!
(19 april, 2013)
Next week Fred van Welie and I (and maybe more participants) will talk about the future of the project, because we agreed to take it a bit slower after the great  Kerkrade-exhibition. I hope we will come up with fresh ideas for the project.
(10 march, 2013)
NU.NL reports about an anti-nuke protest in Japan. March 11, it s two years since the seaquake, tsunami and meltdown of Dawaichi Daiichi Nuclearplant.
(20 february 2013)
Check out GAP Press.
(23 january 2013)
Received the GAP banner and commercialboard.
GAP Amsterdam is well on it's way.
Jan Doek, participant to GAP-Flevoland offered to print the GAPlogo onto bags, which can be bought during GAP Amsterdam, Spuistraat, Amsterdam.
The second exhibition:
WAGENINGEN University and research centre(WUR), IMPULS and Junushoftheater.
17 January - 2  february 2013.
Forumbuilding from 17 january - 24 january 2013.
Organised by:
Fred van Welie.
Opening by:
Simon Vink, spokesperson Executive Board WUR,
the loco-mayor of Wageningen mr. Uitenhage and
initiator Ed Hanssen.
16:30 hrs.
You can find WUR: Droevendaalsesteeg 2, 6708PB Wageningen.
IMPULS-gebouw 115, Stippenweg 2, Wageningen.
Junushoff, Plantsoen 3, 6701AS Wageningen.
Open 7:30 - 19:00 hrs (mon/fri)
7:30 - 22:30 hrs (tue/wd/thu)
Open: Officehours.
Open: from 10:00 hrs.
20 November 2012: it looks like Brazil will be the next country to start up a Gogyoshi Art Project!!!! How great is that?!?!?!?!
University Juiz de Fora, Brazil.
(November 17th, 2012)
The first exhibition of the GOGYOSHI ART PROJECT has taken place. #Loods32 was an excellent place to display the 77 artworks by 36 dutch artists who were inspired by 10 poems of 1 man: Taro Aizu.
The official opening was done by Jop Fakkeldey, alderman of Culture of the city of Lelystad, the Netherlands.
Here's a video André Broens made of the event. I think it's great!
We had a lot of visitors, some say even up to 200. I didn't count them but I was surely overwhelmed to see so many visitors attendeing this first of hopefully at least 12 exhibition throughout the Netherlands.
I have informed 4 Japanese newspapers about this exhibition and I hope they will place an article about the project. Thanks to Chiuyky Itoga for bringing the Japanese newspapers to my attention.
A HUGE THANK YOU to Fred van Welie, Iris van 't Bosch, André Broens and all of the Flevolandteam to turn this exhibition into something great and beautiful. Also a big thank you to Jasminka for making the most delicous sushi and cakes and other delicous things. Iris even gets another big hug for making two beautiful books of all the A4 which participants donated to the project. Both books were sold by "silent auction".
GOGYOSHI ART PROJECT (#GAPnl) display at #LOODS32, Lelystad.
November 18, 2012 - November 25, 2012.
Organised by Fred van Welie and Iris van 't Bosch.
Opened by: Jop Fakkeldey and initiator Ed Hanssen.
Translated from english to dutch by Ed Hanssen.