"Our Fukushima" is an international group exhibition, part of the Gogyoshi Art Project International, which will be opened on January 20, 2017, at 19:00 in the House of Culture "Ivan Mazov-Klime" in Kavadarci, and will run until January 30.
The exhibition is organized by Maja Kirovska, an artist from Skopje, Jagotka Tomovska poet from Kumanovo and the Dutch artists Ed Hanssen and Fred van Welie, in cooperation with the House of Culture "Ivan Mazov Klime" in Kavadarci.
Gogyoshi Art Project International is a project founded by the Dutch artists Ed Hanssen and Fred van Welie in 2012. According to their concept, the participating artists ...are tasked to create artworks inspired by gogyoshi poems about Fukushima written by the Japanese poet Taro Aizu.
Gogyoshi is a form of poetry written in 5 lines, freed of rules for number of syllables, length of line and rhythm. Taro Aizu has written several books of poetry dedicated to his hometown Fukushima. There he talks about the people of Fukushima, their love for their city, and about nuclear disaster after the earthquake and the tsunami in March 2011 that forced them to leave the town.
During 4 years since its founding in 2012, this event was held on many different locations around the world with different settings, with over 400 participating artists. Last year (2016), Gogyoshi Art Project International, was represented in Macedonia with the international group exhibition entitled "Our Fukushima" organized by Maja Kirovska and Jagotka Tomovska. In collaboration with 3 galleries, since August 2016, the exhibition “Our Fukushima” was displayed in Kumanovo (in the NI Museum Kumanovo, 04.08.2016-01.09.2016) and Skopje (in the House of Culture “Koco Racin” and Gallery “Flux”, 15.09.2016-05.10.2016).
With its international character, the project builds bridges between nations and artists from various countries. By organizing this art project in different countries, the artists are trying to raise awareness of the problems associated with the environment, and their impact on people's lives.
Participating Artists:
Adrian Lis, Aleksandar Tanevski, Ana Ivanovska, Ana Jovanovska, Andrej Minevski, Andrijana Andreeva, Angela Everduim-Stoop, Anneli Di Francis, Arrachme, Biljana Karovska, Blagojce Naumoski-Bane, Carmen Heemels, Connie de Graaf, Dejan Ivanov-Margush, Doodles Evolution, Elidia Ribeiro LuŪs, Ed Hanssen, Ellen van der Schaaf, Fred van Welie, Georges Veltjen, Goran Jovanov, Guida Pereira, Heinz Josef Mess, Hristina Zafirovska, Hyunjin Lee, Ireen Sanderse, Ismail Karayakupoglu, Ivana Pirkovska, Jagotka Tomovska, Jelica Culafic, Jovica Ivanovski, Jovica Mijalkovikj, Judie Alberts, Julija Manojloska, Julio Antao, Kalina Ignovska, Kathleen Kuchera, Katrine van Klaveren, Lea Dolinski, Ljupco Gelibashev, Madina Ziganshina, Maja Kirovska, Maria Trindade, Maria Wolfram, Marietta Patricia Leis, Marija Svetieva, Marija Veteroska, Marin Kushinski, Martina Janssen, Monika Lederbauer, Nadica Zlatkova, Natalija Pulejkova-Radeska, Nina Nineska, Paulo Duarte, Petar Grimani, Petra Fenijn, Petra Jovanovska, Re Noo, Renťe Nass, Risto Mijakovski, Robert van Rijn, Sarita Koneska, Seyoung Park, Simona Manceva, Slavcho Maksimovski, Sonia CabaŮas Cortťs, Stjepko Mamic, Sunyoung Lee, Tea Pupkova, Teppo Korte, Toni Dimitrov, Tito Barajas, Vangel Srnakov, Veronika Ban, Viktorija Poposka, Vlasta Mijac and Yoo Choong Yeul.
Under the mentorship of professor Valentina Jovanovska, Carmen Heemels and Cecile Dierx, the high schools DSUG "Goce Delchev" from Kumanovo, Macedonia and "Het Kwadrant Weert", from the Netherlands, will be represented at the exhibityion with artworks by the falowing students: ?Ana Spasikj, Anastasia Donevska, Anastasija Milkovska, Andrej Krstevski, Christel van Deursen, Dejan Mihajlovski,,, Deriya Saeed, Filip Gelevski, Gorjan Krstikj, Ivana Trajkovska, Jelena Gocevska, Jelena Paunovikj, Janou Brankaert, Kristina Stoilkovska, Marija Donevska, Marija Stojchevska, Marko Tomchevski, Martina Maksimovska, Mila Danevska, Nada Ait Ouddahi, Nikola Keleshov, Nikola Malinovski, Nikola Nikolovski, Nikola Slavkovski, Nikola Trajkovikj, Nikolina, Kolevska, Pavle Trajkovski, Sara Ivanovska, Sara Stankovska, Sonja Arsovska, Stefan Petkovski, Sterrin van Heugten, Tamara Karanfilovska, Tiffany Damen, Tijana Gerasimovska and Zennie Hartogs.
Click HERE to see the photos and videos of the Kavadarce exhibition
Call for entries Macedonian artists:
The final dates for the exhibitions in Macedonia are
04 August 2016, Museum of Kumanovo, Kumanovo
15 September 2016, Gallery KO-RA, House of Culture Koco Racin, Skopje...
(For the opening in Skopje we moved the term from August to September, because the gallery curator advised us so, because during the summer holiday there are only 2 persons of the personnel working and there will be nobody to help us installing. Also according to their experience, exhibitions in September are much better visited than during the summer when the city is boiling hot) 
Jagotka Tomovska, Maja Kirovska, Fred van Welie and Ed Hanssen proudly present:
The Gogyoshi Art Project international at Macedonia.
Working title: Our Fukushima
Theme: The gogyoshi of Taro Aizu.
Gogyoshi: Use the gogyoshi below or as used for the Korean exhibition.
Why: It is still necessary to give attention to the 2011 disaster in Fukushima, Japan. The nuclear plant are active again, people have cancer, still areas are not safe to enter. The disaster will hunt humanity for ages to come.
Period: the Exhibition will be held in August 2016, from 01-15 in Kumanovo and 15-31 in Skopje.
Where: First exhibition:the National Institution Ė Museum of Kumanovo, Kumanovo.
Second exhibition:the House of Culture “Koco Racin”, Skopje.
Who: Members of GAPi, PAS and Artnations and of course our South-Korean Art friends.
Number of artists: 40. Change of numbers is still possible.
Minimum size artwork: A4. Maximum size artwork: 80 x 60 cm. Framed.
Medium: All.
Techniques: All.
ONLY ORIGINAL ARTWORK (added 14 oct 2015)
Deadline sending artwork: from begin of May, no later than 10th of June 2016.
Costs: Depending of getting a grant from the Ministry of Culture of R. Macedonia. Transportation costs are under investigation and will also be depending on the grant.If we receive the grant, transportation from gallery 1 to 2 will be paid from the grant. So will the gallery's fee. Also the invitations and brochure will be paid from the grant.If we do not receive the grant, plans will be changed.
Catalog: No/maybe only digital.
Form: All the artists wanting to participate need to fill out the form “STATEMENT” and send it to Maja Kirkovska. Signature is needed to receive the grant. It does not mean you are obligated to participate.More news will follow.
Added March 26:
From: Jagotka Tomovska
dear friends, I need photos of your paintings, CV and aconfirmation of coming or not. I'm waiting for this, because i really don'tknow the number of artists willing to come . As soon as possible all this shouldbe send to Maja Kirovska or to me, we should start doing the catalogue and Publicity. So please, send me a PB ("personal message") for our email address.
here the link to the form:
Gogyoshi Ed Hanssen selected gogyoshi from the Taro Aizu book “My Fukushima”.
Taro Aizu wanted 3 gogyoshi from “before march 11, 2011”, 4 gogyoshi from “my hometown Fukushima” and 3 gogyoshi from “after march 11, 2011” to be chosen.
The choice:
From: “Before march 11, 2011”:
The river
The rising river
Flows violently
In spring light
From melting snow Ė
Distant mountains.
After dark
Magnolia blossoms
Have just appeared
In the twilight
Like many white lamps.
A fallen leaf
“My present for you!”
The little girl comes,
Opens her palms,
Japanese maple:
A small red fallen leaf.
From: “My hometown Fukushima”:
4. (1)
Most Japanese
Had believed in the safety
Of the Nuclear Plants.
But after the tsunami
Occured a sudden explosion.
5. (5)
Officials say,
“Flee from your village!”
But the old men refuse
As they want to stay
In their hometown, Fukushima.
6. (7)
Give it back
Give it back
Our former Fukushima
Children once played outside
With their parents.
7. (8)
The genetic heritage
Not contaminated
By cesium
Is a precious gift
In my dark cells.
From: “After March 11, 2011”/ “My Prayer to Fukushima”:
A family
May a father
Live with his family
In the same house
At Fukushima
As before.
Next year
May no cesium
Be contained
In the new rice
Of Fukushima
Next year.
Mt. Aizubandai
Returning to my hometown
It has changed too much,
Yet Mt. Aizubandai
Ė My eternal mountain Ė
Rises above it.
If you have already made an artwork, but not one of these mentioned above: that is okay. It took some time to publish them here, so that is my mistake.
Do you still have to make an artwork: use the ones mentioned here. update and addresses at:
List of participating artists
Gogyoshi Art Project International - Macedonia, exhibition “Our Fukushima”
1. Abdolreza Rabeti, Iran
2. Adrian Lis, Romania
3. Aleksandar Tanevski, Macedonia
4. Ana Ivanovska, Macedonia
5. Ana Jovanovska, Macedonia
6. Andrej Minevski, Macedonia
7. Andrijana Andreeva, Macedonia
8. Angela Everduim-Stoop, Netherlands
9. Angela Vitanovska, Macedonia
10. Anneli Di Francis, Finland
11. Arrachme, USA
12. Blagojce Naumoski-Bane, Macedonia
13. Carmen Heemels, Netherlands
14. Connie de Graaf, Netherlands
15. Corinna Naumann, Germany
16. Dejan Ivanov-Margush, Macedonia
17. Dieter Hess, Germany
18. Elidia Ribeiro LuŪs, Portugal
19. Ed Hanssen, Netherlands
20. Ellen van der Schaaf, Netherlands
21. Fred van Welie, Netherlands
22. Georges Veltjen, Belgium
23. Goran Jovanov, Macedonia
24. Guida Pereira, China, Portugal
25. Hambarzum Sahakyan, Armenia
26. Abdolhamid Nour Abadi, Iran
27. Hristina Zafirovska, Macedonia
28. Hyunjin Lee, South Korea
29. Ireen Sanderse, Netherlands
30. Ismail Karayakupoglu, Turkey
31. Ivana Pirkovska, Macedonia
32. Jelena Stojkovic, Serbia
33. Jelica Culafic, Serbia
34. Jovica Ivanovski, Macedonia
35. Jovica Mijalkovikj, Macedonia
36. Judie Alberts, Netherlands
37. Julija Manojloska, Macedonia
38. Julio Antao, Portugal
39. Kalina Ignovska, Macedonia
40. Kathleen Kuchera, USA
41. Katrine van Klaveren , Netherlands
42. Lea Dolinski, Israel
43. Luba Holland, Russia
44. Ljupco Gelibashev, Macedonia
45. Lusine Breitscheidel, Germany
46. Maja Kirovska, Macedonia
47. Maria Trinidade, Portugal
48. Maria Wolfram, Finland
49. Marietta Patricia Leis, USA
50. Marija Svetieva, Macedonia
51. Marin Kushinski, Macedonia
52. Martina Janssen, Germany
53. Monika Lederbauer, Austri?
54. Nadica Zlatkova, Macedonia
55. Natalija Pulejkova-Radeska, Macedonia
56. Nina Nineska, Macedonia
57. Paulo Duarte Filipe, Portugal
58. Petra Fenjin, Netherlands
59. Petra Jovanovska, Czech Republic, Macedonia
60. Re Noo, Netherlands
61. Renťe Nass, Germany
62. Risto Mijakovski, Macedonia
63. Robert van Rijn, Netherlands
64. Roumen Dimitrov, Bulgaria
65. Sarita Koneska, Macedonia
66. Se-Young Park, South Korea
67. Simona Manceva, Macedonia
68. Slavcho Maksimovski, Macedonia
69. Sonia Socorro CabaŮas Cortťs, Mexico
70. Stjepko Mamic, Croatia
71. Sunyoung Lee, South Korea
72. Tea Pupkova, Czech Republic, Macedonia
73. Teppo Korte, Finland
74. Toni Dimitrov, Macedonia
75. Tito Barajas, Mexico
76. Doodles evolution, Italy
77. Valery Petrovich Valius, Russia
78. Vangel Srnakov, Macedonia
79. Veronika Ban, Slovenia, Italy
80. Viktorija Poposka, Macedonia
81. Vlasta Mijac, Croatia
82. Yoo Choong Yeul, South Korea
The opening at both Koco Racin Gallery and Flux Gallery in Skopje, Macedonia, 15 september 2016. All photos by Vera Kirovska(previously published on Facebook):
Maja and Jagotka furnishing the first Macedonian exhibition of GAPi at Kumanovo Museum, Kumanovo.
The grand opening of Our Fukushima, Kumanovo, Macedonia
(Photos are all present at our GAPI group on Facebook and they have been taken by
several photographers: THANK YOU ALL!!!!!):