A great link to artvideos': ARTTUBE
Kurt Schwitters - Documentary
Europe after the rain: DadaÔsm and surrealism
Bruce Nauman: Ein Portršt
Joseph Beuys: Ein Portršt
Louise Bourgeois: Ein Portršt
Anselm Kiefer: in conversation with Tim Marlow
Ai Wei Wei: Without fear  of favour
NOVA: documentary on  New Art  and the young artists behind it
Banksy's Dismaland Walkthrough
Roy Lichtenstein: The life and art of Roy Lichtenstein
Jean Michel Basquiat: The radiant child
MichaŽl Borremans: A knife in the eye
Chuck Close: A portrait in progress
Jasper Johns
Philip Guston:
Wyeth Lecture in American Art: Between the lines: Philip Guston  and "Bad Painting."
Howard Hodgkin: Adrew Graham-Dixon  and Hodgkin in  conversation.
Gilbert and George: No surrender
Tracy Emin: The south bank show
Cindy Sherman: Nobodys' here but me
Velazquez: The painter's painter
Lucian Freud: Portraits
The art of Francis Bacon
Adrian Maben: Monsieur Rene Magritte
Michael Gaumnitz: PAUL KLEE The silence of the angel