As of december 31, 2020 ADOBE no longer supperts Flash Player. Because a lot of booklets were shown in containers, only to be viewed when having Flash Player, it was necessary for me to re-photograph all booklets received.
Because of the massive amount of booklets and the fact that I want to re-photograph the booklets with daylight, it might take a while before all are re-photographed and uploaded. When all are uploaded the original pages with booklets will be deleted. If you have any links on your own websites refering to this website and in particular to the special group in wgich your booklet is shown, I advice you to add a new link referinf to the new home of your booklet.
I rearranged the list of booklets from groups to alfabet.
The order:
First name (Ed);
Last name (Hanssen);
Unknown (U).
I hope you will enjoy all booklets when re-uploaded. I already had so much fun re-photographing the booklets and finding some to have become frail in a very lovely way.