To Piet Franzen / SIDAC, the Netherlands
To Dame Mailarta, Canada
To Tomoe Nakamura, Japan
To Alann Bealy, USA
To Lancilotto Bellini, Italy
Lancilotto Bellini published the received booklet #5 on Facebook.
received from Larry Angelo, Philidelpia, USA. He is #5 of booklet 5. He wrote a nice comment. Thank you!
To John Held Jr, USA
To Clemente Padin, Uruguay
To Bill Thomson, Canada
To "E" - Ambassade d'Utopia, France
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Returned to sender :-(
After return it was sent to Walter Pennacchi, Italy
It turned out to be the first booklet to be returned completed :-) (5 december 2017)
Ed Hanssen (the Netherlands)
Walter Pennacchi (Italy)
Virginia Milici (Italy
Franco Spena (Sicily)
Maria Teresa Cazzaro (Italy)
Tiziana Baracchi (Italy)
Mimmo di Caterino-Barbara (Italy)
Claudio Romeo (Italy)
Lancilotto Bellini (Italy)
Frips (Belgium)
To Carmen Heemels, the Netherlands