Ed Hanssen, Planking, collage, 2020
Ed Hanssen, Slipping and sliding, collage, 2020
Ed Hanssen, who ya gonna call, collage, 2020
Ed Hanssen - Hamburgerserie (1 of 4), 2020
BOOM, 2020
Donald J. Monroe / Donald J. Nicholson / Donald J. Obama
digital collage, 2020
The mind is the fingerprint of you,
digital collage, 2020
Four METRO-collages mad from photos published in METRO newspapers, 2020
Life / Peace / Love / Wisdom
Four/eight collages, 2020
Collages 2019
ECHO, 2019
Even Al once was a saint, 2019
Leading the dance, 2019
Live painting, 2019
OMG, 2019
Sad clown with a cactus, 2019
Hoolahoopsurfer, 2019
Silly walks, 2019
Afraid of the warning, 2019
Carry the weight, 2019
Even angels sometimes need to box, 2019
Little blue cloud, 2019
Australian dance, 2019
Off the bucketlist, 2019
Butterfly blue, 2019
Rien ne justifie, 2019
By accident, 2019
Save the chocolateforest, 2019
Koel en droog bewaren, 2019
No violence, 2019
Skeleton, 2019
Death grabs the monks' bride, 2019
Collages 2018
Collage made for exhibition "How do you think about Europe" at Chemnitz, Germany:
Collage made for mailartproject Edition Janus:
Collages october 2017
Comes in handy, Ed Hanssen, Collage, 2017
Did anything change, Ed Hanssen, Collage, 2017
Gazing at the void, Ed Hanssen, Collage, 2017
Shoulder to soldier, Ed Hanssen, Collage, 2017
A series of collages made by only using photos and text as
published in the daily newspaper METRO.