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(November 21st, 2014)

Dagblad De Limburger

Cultuur om de hoek

Krioelkunstenaar wil selfie-rust

(November 18th, 2014)


Project Mailartbooks has reached the official 750th participant!!!!!!

Miranda Nienhuis.

Other new participants whom I welcome just as much, are Jan Heijnen (751) and Natascha Waeijen (752), both artists from the city of Maastricht.

(November 12th, 2014)

Today I was interviewed by Ron Buitenhuis, journalist for Dagblad De Limburger. Withing 3 weeks the interview will be published.

(October 23rd, 2014)

A sad day: participant Jan Weijers died at the age of 62.

Rest in peace.

(September 25th, 2014)

Received: Ingeborg Pock (AUT) (nr.2)

Also waiting for Group 65....

(September 17, 2014)

Received: Roel Sanders (nr.3)

Waiting for Group 65....

(August 21st, 2014)

I gave birth to a new project: SELFPORTRAIT DRAWING COMMUNITY (also on Facebook). Lets' make it a worldwide community of people who draw with charcoal and/or ink on size DIN A4.

I am hoping for a worldwide drawingday: DRAW 'TILL YOU DROP. More info will follow.

(August 17th, 2014)

Added Group 64 featuring Anneke Broos, Myriam Schobben, Janny Jantzen-de Jong(Jantzen Art), Marc Dewelde (B) and Els van der Leede (B), 2014.

New participants:

Gonnie Geurts, Kitty van Dijk, Marc Dewelde (B), Han Nie, Lizette Bazuin and Mado Reznik (AR).

(June 21th, 2014)

New participant: Jantzen de Jong.

(June 20th, 2014)

Booklet received: Anneke Broos.

(June 17th, 2014)

All went well at the Breskens PMAB exhibition. A lot of wonderful comments. Thank you Dagmar Tenner and Wilma van der Lee for organising it all!!!!

New participants: Bernd Reichert (B) and Walter Veith (D).

(June, 16th 2014)

Received booklet by Miryam Schobben.

(June 15th, 2014)


Last day of the Breskens PMAB exhibition with artworks, as mentioned below.

Hopefully we had a lot of visitors and a couple of positive reactions :-).

It is the last exhibition planned right now. Who knows what might happen in the (near) future.....

Me, PMAB and other projects of mine like Gogyoshi Art Project(several huge foreign exhibition are being considered!!!) have been chasing around a couple of countries the last 3 years, so I am a wee bit tired of travelling. Time for some peace and quiet. Also I want to spend more time on my own artworks and.... do not worry....... returnbooklets!!!!

(June 2nd, 2014)

Received: booklet by Els van der Leede (B).

Photos of exhibition PMAB at KCBreskens.

(May 31st, 2014)

Opening PMAB at Kunstenaars Collectief Breskens Dorpsstraat 4 at Breskens(NL) by Antoinette Versluis.

(May 29th, 2014)

Selected 200 booklets for "Mailart, draad en dansende lijnen" expo in Breskens, may 31st.

New participant: Diana Telussa-van Genechten.

(May 27th, 2014)

Group 63 is uploaded with the booklets by:

Sigi Nootz (D), Bronco Sloan (USA), Wilma van der Lee (1&2) and Jacco Burgers.


New participants: Carry Tefsen and Gonny Geurts.

(May 25th, 2014)

We are mentioned at page 63 of bookarts

(May 6th, 2014)

Received: Jacco Burgers booklet.

(April 24th, 2014)

Received: Bronco Sloan (USA) booklet.

(April 18th, 2014)

31 may 2014 Opening 15 Hrs.

"Het Kunstenaarscollectief"

Dorpsstraat 4, Breskens (NL)

31 May - 15 June 2014.

PMAB with:

Dagmar Tenner,

Wilma van der Lee,

Carmen Heemels,

Hil van Neer,

Jack van Neer,

Loes Muller,

Soffja Grosse,

Bergson Goias –Arte Sylvestre


Ed Hanssen.

As soon as the flyer is officially ready it will be uploaded.

(April 14th, 2014)

Update of photographs of the exhibition ARTEXPO 2 CC Het SPOOR at HARELBEKE, Belgium. Also artwork by Hendryk Gardyn, Annick Vanderschelden and Geert Coucke. Click HERE.

(April 11th, 2014)

Group 62 is up and running with booklets by:

Dagmar Tenner, Hilma Bruinsma, Iteke Verhees(4), Marijke van Sluijs-Lucasse, Laurine van de Pitte(1 and 2), Denise Vermeulen and Joke Mussche-van Grol.

(April 9th, 2014)

Booklets received by Denise Vermeulen, Joke Mussche-van Grol, Hilma Bruinsma and Dagmar Tenner.

Group 62 is about to be uploaded(booklets need to be scanned...)!

Maybe....... there will be a surprise...... it's about my returnbooklets......

(March 25th, 2014)

Website runs on Windows 7 as of today. Out with XP.

(March 21st and 23rd, 2014)

I visited the PMAB exhibition at CC Het Spoor, Harelbeke, Belgium.

Hendrik Gardyn: thank you for all your efforts.

Annick Vanderschelden: thank you for the brilliant poster (and interview... ;-) )

Geert Coucke: thank you for the nice talks!

(March 12th, 2014)

Received 2 booklets by Laurine Vandepitte (NL).

(February 24th, 2014)

Upload Group 61.

(February 21st, 2014)

Visited Breskens(NL) to see the exhibtionspace for the PMAB showcase starting May 31st. Do you want to exhibit alongside PMAB? Please let me know. Limited space available!!

(February 20th, 2014)

Received booklet by Guido Utermark.

(February 18th, 2014)

Received booklet by Hilly van Eerten.

(February 16th, 2014)

New participants:

From Algiers: Jan Janszoon van Haarlem.

From Belgium: Marleen Bellefroid.

(February 11th, 2014)

New participant:

From Algiers: Barris Syphax.

(February 10th, 2014)

New participant: Corina Karstenberg.

(February 7th, 2014)

New participant: Henriėtte ten Broek, Belgium.

(February 3rd, 2014)

Cindy Roering, Roos Roberts (2), Maja Kirovska (MAC), Iteke Verhees (3), Ersilia Tumminelli (B). Together they are GROUP 60.

As you can see the LOGO has changed on the top of this page, but also on the top of the PROJECTMAILARTBOOK page. These logo's are made by Hil van Neer. Thank you very much!

The former logo on this page, made by Rian van Nieuwkerk has been moved to the BRAINRAIN page,

I moved all news from the past to: NEWSARCHIVE.

Scanning all my february returnbooklets so I can send them to the participants this week.