World Wide Bird Art Installation Day III 2015.
Here are the videos. All videos 2012, 2013 and 2015.
Here are the photos of edition III, 2015.
BAID2015 De School Hillegom already hit the newspaper!!!!
De Hillegommer, 2 september 2015
Here are some of the location already known to participate in #BAID2015
Organised by Nachrali Abelone
Organised by Bill Thomson
Organised by Marthe Vanhoutte
Organised by De School
Organised by Petra Pelser-Fenijn
Organised by Mary Peterson Bennett
Organised by Ed Hanssen
Organised by Hariadi Nugroho
Organised by Mieke van Zundert
The official blanc poster of #BAID2015
15 february 2015
It looks like 2015 will bring us some new birds. Birds made by you!!
Sunday 27 September 2015 worldwide birdartinstallationday III will take place from noon 'till 18 hrs. Just as the two former baids(2012 and 2013) all creative people are invited to create birds(by preference 3D, size doesn't matter).
Participants ask others to create birds too.
All participants will show their selfmade birds at 27 september 2015 from 12-18 hrs at a place of your choice, as a group and as an installation...(how? It's up to you).
Start thinking, start creating, start as of now.
29 december 2014
Worldwide bird artinstallationday will return in 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 october 2013:
I want to express my deepest gratitude to all participants and organisers of BAID 2, 29 september 2013. Without all of you none of this could have been possible!!! I just had an idea, you all made it happen, made it real.
Keep on flying.
29 september 2013:
Write this day down on your calendar for it will be WORLD WIDE BIRD ART INSTALLATION DAY 2013. The second BAID!!
5 May 2013:
The Kerkrade exhibitionroom POST- shows Bird art by LUDOK.
10 february 2013:
The galerie will probably be closed because of the annual CARNAVAL-festivities.
20 january 2013:
Galerie/Atelier Oranjehof where the reprise of Bird Art Installation Day 2012 takes place is closed on 20 janury 2013 due to sickness of participants and the blizzard raging across the province Limburg.