Here is your entrance to the locations of the second worldwide BIRDARTINSTALLATIONDAY (BAID) September 29th, 2013.
As far as I know, 15 locations took part in the 2013 edition of Worldwide Birdartinstallationday(BAID).
The participating countries were:
the Netherlands
The second BAID has proven that the project is still beloved by artists across the globe. That makes me happy.
Japan took part with 4 locations. That made me happy.
Olst-Wijhe(NL), Gavere (B)and St Martens-Bodegem(B) "battled" for being the number one location with the most participants. Olst-Wijhe(NL) won. Once again! Congrats to the organisers Joke Proper and Henny Schaapman. But also a big thank you to ALL organisers. A special thank you to Paul Verhulst, Bill Thompson and Marthe Vanhoutte because they had a big location at hand with lots of participants. I applaude to all of you!
I hope we can make BAID 3 even better than 1 and 2 together. That makes 3 and more. A thought came to mind for the dutch locations: BAID 3 in 1 location. If we were to vote.... my vote would go to Olst-Wijhe because of the well-oiled organistion. Joke and Henny are a great couple in organising BAID. For now it is merely a thought.
Once again my joyful gratitude goes out to all participants. I love you all!! You make me feel special. XXX
Click on the flyer of the location you want to visit.