Project MailArtBooks(MAB) started July 3rd, 2011 after participating the show of arts called Kunstschouw at Schouwen-Duiveland, Netherlands. During this period i had an inspiring talk with Ko de Jonge, in my opinion one of the co-founders of Mail Art in the Netherlands in the late 70’s/early 80’s. This talk about what he had done in the past, had me thinking about starting an own Mail Artproject.
I came up with the simple idea of making a small booklet made of wrapping paper. I send this little booklet to the participating artists. They make it their own Artbooklet and send it back to me. There’s no theme, no timelimit, no choice of material. It’s all up to the creative minds of the creative artists!!
By return of the booklets I will archive them and in due time i will make a presentation, a show with these booklets.
That being said…. how to get artists interested in Project MailArtBooks? I emailed a couple of artists i know and some of them responded enthiousiasticly. One email led to another and suddenly a wave of email flooded my mailbox! I never thought it would grow that fast!!
Within four days time i am having 30 participants and a Facebookpage: Project MailArtBooks.
The first participants are living in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Poland and the U.S.A.  How great is that!!
And this is not all!
Within the first week i had 3 Dutch galleries interested in showing these booklets!!! 
September 2011 i will sit down with them and discuss the terms for the show.
And there is more to come!!
Let it be said no Mailartbook will be sold. Ever!
So, if you are interested in participating in Project MailArtBooks go to Contact Request. Fill out the form for i need your adress in order to send you the little wrappingpaperbooklet.
I hope you taste my enthousiasm and i am looking forward to your participation in Project MailArtBooks.
Stop by once in a while for updates.
Ed Hanssen